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A General Guide for professional dance teachers and gracious hosts



It's like cruising with your friends and family. An intimate ambiance filled with camaraderie and friendship, conducive to making new friends, dancing, and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Please remember that, once on board, whenever you are in public you are “on stage.” 

Be approachable. Let the guests discover that you are willing to share your knowledge and insight through informal conversations, as well as during scheduled activities. Remember that you are on board to enhance our guests’ cruise experience.

If you can board early you may use this extra time to familiarize yourself with the ship. For example, pick up a copy of the daily activity sheet at the reception desk and locate the dance areas, restaurant, and show lounge.

First impressions are everything! Always wear elegant attire preferably long slacks and a shirt with a collar. With a friendly attitude, introduce yourself as soon as practical to our guests.Take the time to learn guests’ names and their dance interests. Be active and visible among guests but in a warm, non-obtrusive way.

Participation in dance classes is mandatory. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time with lots of enthusiasm. You may be asked to assist with teaching the beginner dance class, so whether you are teaching the class or assisting, do not show favoritism. 

Participation in daily activities will increase your visibility and help promote evening dancing. Check the daily program and make yourself available for dancing and practice.

You are required to dine with our guests in group dining format in the assigned dining room. Please rotate to sit with different guests each night. Know your alcohol limit and stay within it at all times. Breakfast and lunch also offer great opportunities to mingle and introduce yourself to guests.

Dancing is one of the most important aspects of your cruise. Please dress appropriately (according to the dress code in the daily program)! You do not need to be an expert dancer, but you should be able to dance to match your partner’s ability. Never give dance lessons on the dance floor--it may be embarrassing for your partner. Your role is to make her feel good and enjoy herself.

Remember, you are an extension of the staff and a goodwill ambassador for Dancing at Sea. Smile, be helpful and friendly, and do not participate in gossip and guest complaints. Your welcoming demeanor will make you lasting friends with the guests, and look forward to cruising with you again.

Guests always come first. Please keep this in mind about seating in public areas, entertainment events, tour disembarkation, dining arrangements, and immigration procedures.

Please check the Tango schedule for the week and Daily Program (delivered to your cabin each evening) to make sure there have been no changes to your originally scheduled time and location.


When traveling on board as a Gentlemen Host gratuities are prepaid. Guests, crew members, and others may inquire about the financial aspect of your booking arrangements. Please do not, under any circumstance, discuss or exchange this information. Simply state that your engagement was coordinated through Dancing at Sea. 

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